Vital Villages - Salla Village Tour


The Vital Villages Tour is developed in Matkailijoita maaseutukyliin-project which is run by Salla municipality and financed from the European Agricultural Guidance and Guarantee Fund via a local action group. The project started in spring 2003 and ended in spring 2006.

During the project villages have been building fireplaces and hiking/canoeing etc. routes for outdoor activities to support tourism in their area. People have also had possibility to participate in courses and develop cooperation between villages and companies. The most important result of the project is the Village Tour, which in the future will be run by the Village Tour association. The association was established in May 2005, it has 32 members and some of them are from outside Salla municipality so this tour is expanding. The Lappish village negotiation board rewarded the Village Tour association as the Lappish Village Deed 2005.

Vital Villages Salla Tour – the Lappish Village Deed 2005

The Lappish Village Deed 2005

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