Vital Villages - Salla Village Tour

Suomujärvi fireplace and Lappish sacrifice stones

There has been colonization in Salla since the Stone Age. Till 18th century the
area was one part of Kemi Lapland. Suomujärvi belonged to the old Lappish village
of Kuolajärvi. Inhabitants of Kuolajärvi lived by hunting and fishing.
First Finnish colonists came to Salla on 17th century. Sámi people who were
already living on the area adopted the language and the farming culture from
the colonists. On this spot chase and fish catches were parted. Some of them
were made a sacrifice to deity of forest and water. Still nowadays the sacrifice
stones are holy places to many Sámi people, so the places should be honored.
On a spot there is a fireplace free for use. Guide boards on the spot (small
hiking needed to the sacrifice stones).

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