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Joutsijärvi Village

The first Finnish people came here around year 1700. The area belonged to the priviledge of the fishermen from the coast of the Gulf of Bothnia (now Kemi area), who came here quite regularly to fish on the large lakes and rivers. People say that Hotakan Ukko stole fish from these fishermen and therefore he was poisoned. His skull was then found from his field. Later Hunajan Ukko started powerful farming here; he had a large cow barn made of stones for 30 cows and young cattle. The Finnish artillery fire control unit was in his barn, and it was hit by the Soviet Union artillery strike. The crucial battle of the Winter War (1939-40) took place nearby in Mäntyvaara where the Soviet Union attack was rejected. After that came the truce and Finns built the Salpalinja defence line with bunkers before the Continuation War began in June 1941. Today there are 162 people living in Joutsijärvi. There is a shop, petrol station, pub, barber/hairdresser and transportation-, forestry-, farming-, reindeer husbandry- and tourism companies.