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Termusjärvi Bird Watching Tower

Kohteen Termusjärvi Bird Watching Tower kuva Kohteen Termusjärvi Bird Watching Tower kuva

Termusjärvi is a wide, low lake, one of the best nesting areas in Salla for waterfowl. From the tower there is a good view to the lake and the surrounding wetland area. Nearly all the waterfowl species of Salla nest here, and also the Jack Snipe (Lymnocryptes minimus) and the Broad-billed Sandpiper (Limicola falcinellus) can be found.

From Salla 1km to Savukoski direction. Turn left (Ahvenselkä). Drive 4,4km. Turn right (Lintutorni) to a small sand road. Drive 500m to an old sand pit. From there you can walk to the tower 400m.

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